Walk the Dinosaur


What is Walk The Dinosaur about?

Walk the Dinosaur takes the viewer on a journey through time to the days in which the world was first created (in approximately 4,004 BC). It uses wonderous technology and computer graphics of the modern age to help us peer back over 6 THOUSAND YEARS to the start of time and see what was going on in the earliest days on earth before the great flood. This work of art is truly a masterpiece and has been likened to the masterful Lemon Party and Meatspin artworks.

Meaning of WTD:

Many people have tried to define Walk The Dinosaur as a work of 'dinosaur porn' or shock cartoon art. It is now clear that the work is far more complex than originally thought and is not dinosaur porn. It is now being used as proof of intelligent design in some circles and will surely be recognised as strong evidence refuting evolutionary theory in the future.

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